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 I’m Alicia Shattock 


I’ve been a salon professional for over 30 years. Not only have I worked for other salon owners,  I’ve owned three of my own. I have been an assistant, worked as a commissioned stylist, and also rented a booth. There really isn’t an area of this industry that hasn’t touched my life. If I could do it all over again, I would. There are many challenges to owning a salon, however, it has taught me to appreciate the industry and given me the knowledge and experience to aspire to the next level-salon studios.

Many stylists have said to me over the years, ‘I always wanted to open my own salon but after watching all the stress you deal with there is no way I would do it.’ The great news is, now it’s possible. Individual Studios have given salon professionals the platform necessary to create the business they've always wanted.Now, they can finally have a place to call their own.


Contempo Salon Studios is now a part of this new and exciting salon culture. We offer private, individual studios to salon professionals looking to run their own business and work on their own terms. This innovative business model allows ambitious & forward thinking professionals the opportunity to grow their business without the risk or out of pocket expense of opening a traditional salon. It is an ingenious way for accomplished and skilled technicians to have their own studio for about the same price as renting a chair in a traditional booth rental salon.

Entrepreneurship done RIGHT!

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