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  • Why lease a studio?
    Escape salon drama Personalize your studio to reflect your brand Earn 100% of the profit Set your own hours and prices Create your own service menu Sell the retail YOU want to sell and keep the profits Work with like-minded professionals Personalized and private attention for clients Make more money Many tax write-offs
  • What is a salon studio?
    A salon studio is an upscale mini-salon that has all the amenities without all of the risk. Each studio is a separate, enclosed, customized room, equipped with everything you need to open your business.
  • How can I benefit?
    Being a studio owner will provide tax write-offs that you don’t currentl qualify for. Being in a culture with like-minded professionals allows for gained knowledge andcross-marketing. Your clients will have one-on-one attention, which helps maintain client loyalty. You create the atmosphere, set the prices, choose the retail, play your favorite music, Choose furnishings that reflect your personal brand.
  • Will my income increase if I am a commission stylist?
    Definitely! Currently, you are splitting your service income with the salon owner and you are only getting a small percentage of retail sales. A private studio allows you to keep in your pocket all the profits of services and retail sales.
  • I am currently a booth renter, what is the difference?"
    This is your own private studio. This gives you freedom, privacy, and the ability to create the salon ambiance you have always wanted. You get the best of both worlds by having the ability to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded business professionals without the day to day conflicts that can arise in a typical salon setting. Salon studios are about the same price as renting a station in an Ann Arbor salon.
  • Who is the best candidate for a salon studio?
    An established beauty professional with a steady clientele that is ready to go to the next level. Including but not limited to: massage therapists, tattoo artists, hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, make-up artists, permanent make-up services, laser services and injectables , spray tanning, etc. It is not recommended for the brand new professional that does not have a committed clientele.
  • What is included in my studio?
    All purpose hydraulic styling chair, custom cabinetry, shampoo & color bar, shampoo chair, mirror, Wi-Fi, utilities, on-site washer and dryer and salon station. In the deluxe salon studios there is a backwash shampoo station. Massage and Esthetics studios come equipped with custom cabinetry with a sink and storage. Nail studios come equipped with nail table, client and technician chair, cabinetry, counter and sink.
  • Can I personalize my studio?
    Absolutely! There is a large assortment of paint colors to choose from and you are encouraged to add your own pictures, decorations, and furnishings to complete your studio. Any electrical or major change would need prior, written approval. Any contractors you hire to do work in your studio must be licensed and insured.
  • What do I need to legally open my own salon studio?
    We will help you file all the necessary paperwork to get your business launched. You will need a Michigan license in your field of expertise, a Federal Tax ID, an establishment license, a resale tax license if you want to sell retail products, and liability insurance . These are easy to file and do not take long. We have all the proper licenses and insurance in place for you to begin until your paperwork is finalized.
  • Is a security deposit required?
    Yes, all studios require a $500 security deposit for any damages that may occur above and beyond normal wear and tear and for early lease termination.
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
    Yes, this is a business transaction. For your protection and the protection of Contempo Salon Studios, a contract will be in place for the rental of your salon studio. 12 month contracts available.
  • What if I get sick or pregnant?
    We’ve thought about that, too! After one year of rental with Contempo Salon Studios, we give you one free week for maternity leave or sick leave. Sick leave entails surgery, an injury or an illness that a physician verifies will require you to be off work for 6 weeks or more. In addition to this, we give you free weeks for referrals, too. For every one year contract you refer to us you will receive one week free in rent. You can bank these weeks for maternity or sick leave.
  • Can I have someone sublet my studio?
    Anyone with access to our studios needs to be approved by the Contempo Salon Studios owner and must be licensed and insured. A single suite may only have one operator in it at all times (an assistant for shampooing is allowed). A double suite may only have two operators in it at all times (shampoo assistant is ok). All persons working within Contempo Salon Studios will have a contract with CSS.
  • How big are the studios?
    90-105 Sq/ft (Small Single) 5 studios this size 120-130 sq/ft (Traditional Single) 11 studios this size 135-140 sq/ft (Large Single) 4 studios this size 155 sq/ft (Single Deluxe) 1 studio this size 185-205 sq/ft (Double Studio) 6 studios this size 260sq/ft (double deluxe) 1 studio this size *Some studios have a window to the outside. *Some studios have a sky-light view located in the Atrium. *Some studios have solid doors for more private services.
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